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Kitchen renovations for inspiration

  Once upon a time a kitchen was simply the room in which food was prepared and cooked. Those days are long gone: these days the kitchen is arguably the hardest working room in a home. It’s a multi-functional gathering … Read More

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What is a living roof?

  A living green roof, is a layer of vegetation planted over a waterproofing system that is installed on top of a flat or slightly–sloped roof. Green roofs are also known as vegetative or eco–roofs. They fall into three main … Read More

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Innovative bathroom ideas

    The newest trends for bathroom designs in modern homes and construction of high-end bathrooms present more versatility than in the past. Bathroom only decors are no longer the norm. Modern trends in designing bathrooms include designer appeal combined with space … Read More

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Construction time lapse video

Time lapse video is a great way to showcase your work or retain your memories. However, long term time lapse can be elusive. Many cameras and smartphones have time lapse camera capabilities; however, recording beyond a few hours can be … Read More

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Proper planning goes a long way

  It seems that people have been writing about planning for as long as people have been writing. No surprise there. No enterprise, whether it’s assembling the space shuttle or getting dinner on the table, is done well without a plan. … Read More

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Sourcing the finest materials

  Our method is simple: we go to great lengths to find not only the very best in materials, but the appropriate product that fits your project and meets your budget. Every project presents its own challenges, trying to find … Read More

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